Our boats

Currently we are concentrating on building and developing patrol boats, pilot boats, landing crafts and work boats. These vessels can be equipped with armor protection, camouflage systems, high advanced electronics and control systems and communication equipment, gun systems such as active protection and transportation system. 

Watercat 360x100

is our registered trademark.                                                      

boats patrol

Patrol boats

Watercat 1100 PatrolPatrol and rescue boat
Watercat 1500 PatrolPatrol and rescue boat
Watercat 1500 PatrolTraining vessel
Watercat 1500 PatrolPatrol and rescue boat
Watercat K11-MPCA true multipurpose craft
Watercat K13 FICFast Interceptor Craft
Watercat M18 AMC__440 x 140


Watercat M8Landing craft
Watercat M9Military transport boat
Watercat M9 evo 1Military transport boat
Watercat M11Landing craft
Watercat M12Landing craft
Watercat M14Landing craft
Watercat M18Landing craft
boats work


Watercat 565Work boat
Watercat 700Oil recovery boat
Watercat 750Work boat
Watercat X8 OPWork boat
Watercat 95Work boat
Watercat 130Oil recovery vessel