Military transport vessel

Watercat M12

In the late 90's the Finnish Navy began to modernize the mobility and equipment of coastal defence forces. As a result the Finnish workboat builder Marine Alutech Oy Ab designed and developed the WATERCAT M12, a new type of a troop carrier for the Finnish Marines for landing and transportation purposes in all weather conditions.

The water jet system enables excellent maneuverability and when necessary the boat can be stopped almost within one boat's length from full ahead. An essential advantage in coastal use is that, due to the water jet propulsion, the bottom of the boat is perfectly smooth which enables the boat to operate safely in very shallow waters.

There are 20 individually damped seats with seat belts on the fore deck and the deck is sheltered with a light composite cover. Hatches on the cover and a hydraulically operated bow ramp ensure fast unpacking and loading of cargo.

The equipment includes up-to-date marine electronics and communication devices. Low noise level (under 75 dBA) and ergonomically placed instruments help the skipper to handle and operate the boat safely and comfortably even though it is made for military use. For military and patrol purposes the boat can be equipped with two 12,7 mm machine guns.

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