Defence and Special Forces

Boats for Extreme Military Operations - from Arctic's to Tropics

Marine Alutech’s Watercat® combat, amphibious assault and landing crafts are ideal for high-speed boat operations and expeditionary support.

Suitable for beaching, escorting, supporting, interdicting, ISR and SAR patrolling and evacuating, Watercat® is formidable in high- and low-intensity combat. 

Marine Alutech’s Watercat® boats operate in extremes – from the arctic’s to the tropics. Modern HVAC systems allow operations in extrem temperatures, arid, or humid climates within:

  • Blue waters
  • Confined – Shallow Waters
  • In- and Offshore
  • Littoral Zones
  • Riverine Areas

Marine Alutech Watercat® boats can carry up to 30 troops and are fitted with advanced systems for:

  • Navigation
  • Compact C3
  • Surveillance
  • Reconnaissance
  • Light weapon systems

allowing multi-day missions, permitting autonomy, station-keeping and projecting a presence in an area.

Marine Alutech provides technological solutions for:

  • Armored Modular Craft (AMC)
  • Armored Fast Supply Crafts (AFSC)
  • Unmanned Surface Vessels (USV)
  • Interference-protected information and electrical systems (EMI/EMC)
  • System to ship and system to system integrations

The Watercat® combat and amphibious assault boats are modular by design. Its combat survivability is intentional and its maintenance is cost-effective throughout its long lifecycle.

Marine Alutech’s Watercat® boats are built up to 25m, from aluminium or composite materials for a variety of duties and purposes.

Bureau Veritas certified Marine Alutech in accordance with ISO 9001, ISO 14001 standards and AQAP 2110 quality system.

Our NATO Commercial and Government Entity (NCAGE) Code is: A440G

Our product range for Defence and Special Forces

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