Marine Alutech Oy Ab establishing one of the largest shipyards in Nordic countries in Hanko, Finland.  


Maritime players Marine Alutech Oy Ab and Nylunds Boathouse Ab are implementing growth plans by together acquiring SSAB real estate in Hanko Lappohja.

This strategic investment of facilities; with its own deep-water harbour combined with a long ice-free period supports Marine Alutech Oy Ab’s future requirements. These requirements include full service and support facilities for vessels, and long-term winter boat storage. Existing railroad connections to this waterfront facility, allow flexibility to invite partners and companies to the facility and look to create a world-leading maritime precinct. This acquisition is realised through a Joint Venture between Marine Alutech Oy Ab and Nylunds Boathouse Ab – and will be named Port of Lappvik Ab.

Michael Nylund, Ann-Sofie Nylund, Vesa-Heikki Kemppainen/SSAB, Niko Haro

Real estate details:

  • Real estate area 18 ha
  • Facilities 33.000 qm
  • Pier 200 m

In addition to owner company activities, we are looking for partners and tenants which have supportive role and committed to further development of this maritime entity. With discussions already underway for pier usage and certain facilities with key maritime organisations, the facility when fully operational will estimate the creation of over 100 permanent full-time positions.