Pilot and port authorities

Watercats: Reliability for Every Day's Hard Jobs - Everyday

Marine Alutech’s Watercat® powers Pilot and Port Authorities worldwide.

From frigid Arctic seas to balmy Far Eastern archipelagos, Watercat®s are doing the hardest jobs daily as Pilot Boats and Work boats in all conditions – securing and controlling harbour areas wherever needed. Marine Alutech Watercat® boats are built on a proven concept – with custom integrations – that ensure crews are fulfilling their roles from the first day on-board.

Wheelhouse Advantages include:

  • Flexibly mounted
  • GRP Sandwich construction as an option
  • Noise levels below 70dB within
  • Dampened seats

The vessels are ideal for conducting strenuous work – in all weather. Its modern HVAC system allows comfortable operations, in every season within:

  • Confined – Shallow Waters
  • In- and Offshore
  • Ports
  • Harbours
  • Riverine Areas

Marine Alutech’s Watercat® work boats are fitted with advanced systems for:

  • Navigation
  • Compact C3
  • Interdiction and boarding
  • Oil and environmental Recovery
  • Harbour coordination
  • Traffic controls

suitable for versatile harbour and port tasks.

Marine Alutech’s Watercat® Workboats are modular by design. Its tremendous operational sustainability is intentional. Its maintenance is easy and cost-effective during its long lifecycle.

Marine Alutech’s Watercat® are built up to 25m, from aluminium or composite materials for a variety of duties and purposes.

Bureau Veritas certified Marine Alutech in accordance with ISO 9001, ISO 14001 standards and AQAP 2110 quality system.

Our product range for Pilot and Port Authorities

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