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Watercat 130 Oil recovery vessel

Marine Alutech Oy Ab has delivered two 13m firefighting/oil recovery vessels to Finnish customers.  The 37 Watercat M12 landing craft were successfully converted to serve fire departments to carry out their mission after new oil pollution regulations in the Finnish Coastline.

The vessel was designed to meet the requirements of the Finnish Central of Environment for E-class oil recovery boats and can operate in all weather conditions in the coastline area. It can carry ca. 5 tonnes of cargo. The 13m boat has a beam of 4.0m, a displacement of 11.1 tonnes, and a top speed of 22 knots. The maximum range is 10 hours at a cruise speed of 20 knots. Power is provided by two Sisu Diesel 620 DSBIM diesels each rated at 175 kW coupled to two Rolls-Royce FF310 waterjets.

The waterjet propulsion system enables the bottom of the hull to be kept perfectly smooth and gives the boat a draft of just 750mm, vital for safe operation in shallow waters. The waterjet also delivers excellent manoeuvrability and enables the boat to stop in just over a boat length from full speed.

The boat is equipped with a 2500-litre fire pump, water gun, 1.5-tonne hydraulic crane and an oil recovery system.

General characteristics

LENGTH13,0 m
BEAM4,0 m
DRAFT0,7 m
ENGINE2 x 175kW
WEIGHT11 ton
FUEL800 l
SPEED>20 kn

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